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Orey Young

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The Hidden Truth to Essential Oil Prices

A common misconception has been circulating in the essential oil industry for the past ten years. That misconception is that if an essential oil is more affordable, it indicates its quality is poor. This is false and deceptive at several levels. 

The truth is that a couple of substantial essential oil companies have become common household names. Those companies follow a business plan called Multi-level marketing, and this style of the business plan has a lot of expenses to it outside the traditional product cost. To help you understand this, most MLM companies run their profit margin between a 10-20 time markup on the cost of the product. For example, if a product costs an MLM company $2.00, that product would be sold to the consumer for between $20-$40. 

These MLM companies very intelligently remove the inflated pricing concerns from the consumer by creating an exaggerated quality and purity story, convincing the consumer no other company could possibly offer such a pure and high-quality product at a lower cost. 

However, the truth is pure = pure. Suppose an essential oil is 100% pure and tested through an independent lab to validate the quality. In that case, the same essential oil from the same source sold by another company is not going to become somehow purer. So remember, pure = pure. 

So why are there other companies charging more for the oils? 

Because they can. Many consumers seeking the best essential oils have become accustomed to spending more than they should for oils under the pretense that they are paying for a superior product. This has allowed capitalism to run free in the essential oil industry, and until businesses have a reason to reduce the cost, the prices will continue to rise. 

Why Are Younifi Oils More Affordable?

Because we can. There is no reason for you to pay more than you should for a product meant to help you on your wellness journey. Younifi based its profits on the industry standard retail store profit margins. Guarantee a more affordable option without sacrificing the quality you have come to expect.  

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